Junior CollectionFor kids and teenagers.  Take care of the development and growth needs of children and adolescents with a holistic approach. Provide a healthy spine care mattress for comprehensive protection and companionship from 3 to 18.

  • Bonnell Innerspring for Junior
  • Central area support enhancement effectively prevents the mattress and lower part of the body from sinking, ensuring a tight fit and preventing the deformation of the “S-shaped” backbone.
  • The “Z-shaped” innerspring alignment design increases the contact area between the mattress and the body, ensure that the whole body is getting enough support.
  • Serta’s Total Edge® Foam Encasement prevents sagging at the mattress edges while extending your sleep surface, so your kid can have more room to stretch. This prevents your child from being tilted by the edge and rolling off the bed.

Thickness : 15cm

  • 10 year limited warranty

From: $3,600.00