PremiumBlack Collection

Contemporary Design Meets Innovation

This premium collection fused our Serta’s core technology with the best quality natural green environmental friendly materials and craftsmanship from New Zealand.

Featured Craftsmanship

Independent Pocket Spring System

The independent supportive spring structure strengthens the humanity and rigidity of the spring wire. The pockets are made with durable, highly elastic moisture-proof fabric, combined with the venting holes design, clever use of turning movements during sleep, greatly improves the air ventilation of the mattress. The spring system are strong and durable and at the same time can reduce interference and disturbance from sleeping partners.


DreamFoam® is an environmental foam from New Zealand. Using the CO2 environmentally friendly foaming process, this unique foam structure has fine and uniform pores, which provides balanced support to the spine and releases body pressure. DreamFoam® has good resilience and brings long-term sleeping comfort.


The rubber latex is extracted from the rubber tree in Sri Lanka. It is specially processed to achieve a uniform balance, highly resilient and highly conforms to human body curvature. Natural antibacterial properties help maintain a dust free, healthier sleep environment which is great for asthma and hay fever sufferers.

Wool and Silk

The combination of pure New Zealand wool and lustrous natural silk provides an even body temperature while you sleep. It also helps to improve the airflow and breathability in the mattress.

Perimeter Edge Foam Encasement

Prevents sagging at the mattress edges while extending your sleep surface, so you have more room to stretch.

Temperature Regulating Craftsmanship

FusionGel+ Enhanced DreamFoam®

A fusion of cooling gel and DreamFoam®, this comfort-inducing combination cradles you and helps cool you in a substantial, pressure-relieving embrace.



Memory foam is infused with Graphite powder for manufacturing this revolutionary foam. Graphite has inherent property of providing coolness and has low rate of transfer of thermal conductivity. This cool foam absorbs body heat and provide optimum temperature sleeping surface throughout the night.

Adaptive TempActiv™ knitted Fabric

Adopt the new Adaptive temperature-sensing technology fabric, which is dry and breathable, senses the temperature of the human body, and brings a comfortable sleep temperature to the sleeper.

Aerobic Ventilating Craftsmanship

Provide you with a healthy, environmentally friendly, aerobic sleeping environment.

The PremiumBlack series are made with the aerobic ventilating technology – it can help expelling the moisture and heat emitted by the body during sleep, keep the air in the mattress dry, prevent mold and moisture, and provide you with a healthy, environmentally friendly, and aerobic sleeping environment.

Temperature – During sleep, our body excretes a lot of water. A dry sleeping environment can help to cool down the body and prevent dust mites and microbial.

Breathability – Airflow between layers can keep the temperature and heat of the mattress from accumulating.

Mattress Models
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